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Oban Sportive 2017

2017 News

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Coming Events: Appin 24 mile TT 3rd August 2017

24th September 2017

Gavin Blainey 119
Mike Bossard 87
Nick Charlton 82
David Robinson 72
Jamie Smith 70
Tim Brand 62
Steven Groom 61
Steven Parr 59
Richard Kidd 54
Gary Macdonald 50
Donald Patterson 50
David Turnbull 45
Nigel MacLucas 45
Ewan Thorburn 41
Alistair Stevenson 41
Tom Smith 41
Davy Gunn 37
David Gibson 33
Frances Dent 33
Alistair Jackson 29
Pat Steeman 28
Marie Meldrum 25
Lucy Greenhill 19
Raenne Miller 15
Peter Martin 14
Fedor Bunge 11
Donnie Meldrum 10
Sam Wood 9
TT Rank

Time trial 5 is coming up and the rankings are in the left column. Seasoned riders Blainey and Bossard bagged wet race points last month to push to the top of the table.

Thursday 3rd August is penultimate round.

Appin Happening

Appin was the new venue. David Robinson pulled out some old form and the battle for top of the table heated up.

Bossard, Blainey, Robinson or Charlton could all take the top spot in September. Marie Meldrum leads the ladies from Frances Dent. Records all round for the new course.

Full results

Groom Doped?

NACC time triallists headed up to Glencoe for the Jason Macintyre Memorial TT run for the first time under the auspices of Cycling Time Trials (CTT). Never likely to do much damage in the Seniors open class and facing a start sheet with the likes of Ewen MacGillivray, Ewan Thorburn, and Gary Macdonald it came as some surprise that Steven Groom (55.19) took the top spot in the local seniors. The organisers clearly thought the same and he was hauled into the dope testing room and grilled for over an hour. Nick Charlton did a clean run (49.51) for 3rd local and 17th vet. Nevis Cycles riders Alex Dent (45.38) 2nd Junior, repeating french vocab as he pedalled, Donal Paterson (43.40) 4th overall and Gill Barnes (1.05.40) all took home cash handed out by Graeme Obree. The event was won convincingly by John Archibald (38.40) for Pro Vision.
Velo Veritas Race Report

Paterson Seconds Away

An otherwise perfect day for the May Time Trial had a sting in the tail. Coming off the descent it was clear that the stiff easterly breeze would sap the power on the southside return and make it a long hard grind. A long lineup with faces old and new met at the top of the hill and set off in random order. Fiona Gunn stamped on some discipline issues at the muster. This month it was the old guard setting the pace with four familiar faces sub 25 mins. Donald Paterson powered round in PB of 22.08. The question was raised of a course record. The committee took a hard line and Stuart Moran's 2013 record will stand. The course he rode was from slightly lower down the hill and was therefore harder to achieve. Marie Meldrum was first lady home and there were strong performances from Richard Kidd and several other new members. Charlton leads Blainey and Meldrum leads Greenhill in the Series. Full results

Mac leads NACC TT Series

A picture tells a thousand words. This one is no exception; Gary Macdonald washed and serviced his bike, had a wash in the Loch and got changed ready to welcome the others home. A thundering 25:51 or thereabout.. A slight glitch in the timing meant a good measure of number juggling was needed to get the results. Lucy Greenhill stole the top honours for the Ladies uncontested. Familiar faces Charlton, Blainey and Bossard all came in under 30. Steven Groom and Pat Steeman put in good benchmarks on their first try out. Full results

NACC News Returns

The "post truth internet era" means I can comfortably start publishing NACC News again. Next event is the return of the Barcaldine XC on the 26th February. Me and Mike have uncovered the Legendary Tony's trail and the Firebreak descent from the dam is back in play. Will be looking at the Green Mile to see what can be recovered.

NC 18/1/17

Home Win for Bossard

"He was too fast I had to let him go" said second place Graeme MacNee. Oban businessman Bossard doesn't take chances. He chose the venue, designed the course and visited several times to check the course, lay it out and add extras. Piling on the pressure up the climb and with a clear run down the steep single track descents he cruised home in comfort. MacNee took second and the top ten saw many familiar names, veterans of Barcaldine, still in play.

Marie Meldrum lead the charge for the ladies climbing in determined fashion and laughing a lot as she bounced down the descents.

A dearth of skiable snow meant a great turnout from the West Highland Wheelers and this was the biggest field for a number of years. Stories were told of slipping sliding and cartwheeling on the treacherous slopes. Plenty of new faces we hope to see again. Most riders managed to follow the arrows with all the finishers completing the course in good time.

Biggest applause goes to the timekeeper Ian Clunie who must have done his cold no favours and marshalls Benita, Claire, Raeanne and Sam on the wettest day of the year. Full results