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North Argyll Cycle Club

The North Argyll Cycle Club (NACC) is a friendly and inclusive interdisciplinary cycling club based in Oban. The club runs group rides, runs time trials and APRs from Spring to early Autumn, and organises the annual Oban Sportive and Cruachan hill climb cycling weekend.

The club has a wide breadth of skills, knowledge and fun people to help you with whatever your goals may be, whether it be meeting, socialising, exploring or racing.

We are open to
  • Youths/Juniors (under 18’s)

  • Adults (over 18)

  • Female Cyclists

  • Male Cyclists

  • Intermediate riders (1-3 hrs)

  • Advanced riders (rides 3hr+)

  • Racing cyclists

What we do

  • Club training rides

  • Competitive Time Trials

  • MTB Cross Country racing

  • Recreational rides

  • Road racing

  • Sportives

  • Ultra-distance events

  • Bike touring


The North Argyll Cycle Club is a community of passionate cyclists who welcome and support riders of all abilities and disciplines. We’re lucky to have a unique and scenic landscape to explore on two wheels, and friendly members who look after each other both on and off the bike.

North Argyll Cycle Club

Rides &

The club normally runs group rides on Tuesdays and weekends in the Spring to Autumn. We organise intermediate, middle and fast group rides Many rides are informally organised through our Facebook group.

COVID Rules for Group Rides

  • Normal tier 2 rules apply before and after the ride.

  • All riders must be NACC members.

  • All riders must book beforehand, contact the ride organiser.

  • Maximum 30 participants in groups of 6.

  • Helmets mandatory.

  • All under 18’s must be accompanied by an over 18.

The intermediate or 12-15mph group rides are for those who cycle regularly, are keen and moderately fit. We go out on a Tuesday night (19:00) when the nights are light and use the cycle paths to head out around Loch Creran or to Appin from Benderloch. Usually about 20-25 mile (32-40 km) rides at moderate pace but also a friendly and social ride. We aim to stay in a group on this ride and will not drop members of the group off the end of the ride. Road bikes required and helmets must be worn. Starting at Ben Lora café and bookshop (aka Jimmy’s) car park, and please remember to bring at least a rear light.

UPDATE 29th March 2021. With current COVID guidance, groups are limited to 9 riders. All riders must pre-book with Steven Groom for track and trace giving him your number, please find him on Facebook messenger or contact him on 07780834962. Depending on group demand, there will be non-mixing groups, with the first group of 9 riders starting at 18:45, then 19:00, and the last group at 19:15. Any minors under 18 please fill in the Under 18’s Parental Consent Form on the Wellbeing and Protection Policies page.

Thursday night at Ben Lora car park or Jimmy’s at 7pm. Led by Steven, Sam and or Christina.

These rides normally run on Thursday evenings at 19:00 in Spring to Autumn for riders looking to faster-paced rides. These rides are 16 mph (26 kph) and greater, usually following the same route as Tuesday night road rides and sometimes includes the Appin loop or Glen Salach.

The club also has chain gangs on Tuesday or Thursday evenings for riders looking to develop more speed. These rides are normally 24 mph (38 kph) or greater, riding around Loch Creran and sometimes Glen Salach.

Weekend rides are normally organised on Sunday 9am starting at Connel Bridge (north side) and distance depends on the group. A popular weekend route is to Glencoe village for a cafe stop (~60 miles or 100 km), extending around Kinlochleven if the group is keen for some extra miles (~80 miles or 130 km).

Note that the club abides by the UK government’s guidelines for group rides and are not officially organising group rides until further notice.

The club organises at least five time trials (10 mile and 25 miles) and APRs around Loch Creran running from Spring to the end of Summer. These are an annual series and will have a crowned champion for each gender at the end of the year.

NACC organises spin classes in the winter, usually at 7:15 pm on Wednesday night and costs £5. It’s a great opportunity to keep active over the winter and meet fellow club members! Please call Atlantis Leisure Centre and book in advance as there are limited spaces available.

Tel: 01631 556 800


Club Brand Cycle Wear

Please contact us regarding purchasing any of our club brand merchandise.



North Argyll Cycle Club

Frequently Asked

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How do I buy the club kit?2020-12-23T11:00:58+00:00

Steve Groom is your man. The link for the club kit (made by Kalas) will be posted on the Facebook group and the website. Kit orders happen once or twice a year.

I have some thoughts about improvements or skills to share with the club, how can I share this information?2020-12-23T11:01:06+00:00

We would like to hear your thoughts, please speak to anyone on the committee.

How do I come on my first ride?2020-12-23T10:57:43+00:00

Please let us know on via our Facebook page or contact the ride organiser.

Will I get left behind?2020-12-23T10:56:30+00:00

Different rides are drop rides or no-drop rides which should be made clear before the ride. Generally group rides are no-drop, though the group may split up at key areas (on a climb or for a town sign) but will regroup afterwards.

Do I need a road bike for road rides?2020-12-23T10:55:57+00:00

No you don’t, as long as a bike is road-worthy you’ll be ok. Some people join group rides on hybrids or mountain bikes, but road bikes will make it a lot easier!

I have a friend who wants to come for a ride, can they come along?2020-12-23T10:55:16+00:00

Yes definitely, make sure they know what the ride pace is like and have them make contact with the ride leader before the ride. If they are under 18, it is mandatory that they are accompanied by an adult.

Am I insured?2020-12-23T10:54:22+00:00

Club rides are covered by British Cycling insurance for the club. This provides third party liability insurance for club officers in the event of an incident. This is why you must be a member to ride the club rides.

Where can I contact members?2020-12-23T10:53:17+00:00

A good point of contact is through the NACC Facebook page found HERE. Group rides are normally posted here. Please come say hi!

Where does the club meet?2020-12-23T10:51:00+00:00

Weekday rides normally meet at the car park by Cafe Lora in Benderloch. Weekend rides normally start at the north side of Connel Bridge. Best to ask the ride organiser first as they may have a different starting point in mind!

How do I join the club?2020-12-23T10:51:24+00:00

Please join through the British Cycling website, the link should be found on the “how to join” page linked HERE.


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